UPSC CDS is one of the toughest exams in India. Every year lakhs of students appear for it, but only a few of them clear the exam. The reason behind this is that they prepare from the best books.

Experts always suggest that NCERT Books help you to crack UPSC CDS Exam. It gives you a conceptual knowledge of each subject.

If you want to work in Defence Services, you must study with NCERT Books. But which NCERT books are best for UPSC CDS exam?

So to help you out, we are providing the list of best books for CDS exam below. You can follow these books and take a step ahead toward your preparation.


Table of Content

  • Best NCERT Books for UPSC CDS
  • Best NCERT Books for General Knowledge
  • Best NCERT Books for Mathematics
  • Best NCERT Books for English
  • How to Choose Best Books for UPSC CDS
  • Toppers’ Recommended NCERT Books
  • FAQs

Best NCERT Books for UPSC CDS

NCERT Books always help the CDS Aspirants. It provides good knowledge of the topic.

If you study with NCERT Books, you will have a high chance of qualifying for the exam.

According to the experts, you should study with NCERT Class 6th to 12th books for English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge.

Here, we are providing you the list of best NCERT Books to clear the UPSC CDS exam. 

Best NCERT Books for General Knowledge

Below, you can check some best NCERT Book names to prepare for the General Knowledge. Also, you should read newspapers daily to get aware of current affairs.

You can also download the NCERT Books PDF for CDS Exam here. 




NCERT Our Past I & II - History

History (India and The Contemporary World – I & II)


NCERT Science


NCERT Class 9 Science Book

NCERT Books for Class 11 & 12th Biology

NCERT Books for Class 11 & 12th Physics


NCERT Social and Political Life

Democratic Politics – I & II (Political Science)


NCERT The Earth Our Habitat

NCERT Our Environment 

NCERT Resourse & Development 

Contemporary India – I & II (Geography)


Macro Economics NCERT 

NCERT Economics

Economics (Understanding Economic Development)

Best NCERT Books for Mathematics

If you are preparing for the CDS Exam, you can follow the NCERT Maths Books given below. It will cover the syllabus and give you an extra edge in your preparation.

Best Books for UPSC CDS Mathematics

NCERT Mathematics

NCERT Class 9th Maths Book

NCERT Solutions Class 10th - Introduction of Trignometry

NCERT Solutions - Arithmetic Progressions

Oswaal NCERT Problems

NCERT Books for Class 11th & 12th Mathematics

NCERT Mathematics

Note - Physics Wallah which is India’s one of the leading platforms also help you to prepare for the UPSC CDS Exam. It will provide online coaching and NCERT Books PDF to help students in their preparation.

You can take the guidance and solve your doubts with their experts.  

Best NCERT Books for English

English is one of the subjects that requires clear concepts. If your grammar is good, you will get good marks in the exam.

The NCERT English books help you to crack the UPSC CDS 2022 Exam. If you study with Class 6th to class 12th English Books, you can cover all the English topics. 

Check the list of UPSC CDS English Books below.

Best Books for UPSC CDS English

Core English for Class 11th

English Language & Literature for Class 9th

NCERT English Grammar & Composition - Class 6th & 7th

NCERT English Practice Book

These books will help you build your confidence and clear your doubts of each topic. 

Apart from the NCERT, you should also study with the material which has specialization in a particular topic. 

How to Choose Best Books for UPSC CDS Preparation?

When you search in the market, you will find plenty of books to prepare for the exam. But which books are best to crack the UPSC CDS 2022?

According to the experts, you should focus on the following points before buying the books.

  • Check the index page of books and match it with your syllabus. Your books should cover the complete UPSC CDS Syllabus.
  • Read 1-2 pages of the books, and if you find the language is easy to understand, then you should go with them.
  • CDS Exam Books should cover practice questions after every topic and end of the book.
  • You should check the level of all practice questions. It should match with the exam difficulty level.


Important Note - To crack the CDS Exam in first attempt, it is important that you are studying with experts created notes. This will help you out to prepare best for the exam.  

You can get our CDS Exam Study Material recommended by toppers and get proper guidance with subject experts to crack the exam. This material is created by exam experts in easy to understand language. 

It will help you to cover the complete syllabus for the exam. Also you can take practice questions and previous exam papers to analyze your preparation level. 


Here, we have covered all the NCERT Books that will help you in UPSC CDS Exam Preparation.

Still, if you need clarification to choose the best one or have any queries for the same, you can share them with us in the comment box.

Our expert team will provide the best possible answer to your queries.

You can also share this article with other aspirants who are preparing for the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Ques - Are NCERT books enough to clear the CDS exam?

Ans – Yes, NCERT books are enough for UPSC CDS Exam Preparation. They provide sufficient material to study for the exam.

Although, you should read newspapers and watch news channels daily to get aware of current affairs. It will help you score high in the general knowledge section.

Ques - Which book is sufficient for CDS exam?

Ans – Below, you can check the most suggested books for all 3 subjects.

  • English – S.P. Bakshi
  • General Knowledge – Manohar Pandey
  • Mathematics – R.S. Agarwal 

Ques - Is Lucent GK enough for CDS?

Ans – Lucent GK is good to prepare for the CDS General Knowledge section. But, if you want to get good marks in the exam, it is important to focus on current affairs.

For this, you should get aware of the latest news of India. 

Ques – Is 3 months enough for CDS preparation?

 Ans – If you follow the proper strategy and study plan, then you can crack CDS Exam in 3 months.

Also, you need complete syllabus and study notes to give the right direction for your preparation. You can download experts’ created Physics Wallah CDS Study Plan and start your preparation.

Ques - How do I start studying for CDS?

Ans – To prepare for the Combined Defence Service examination, you can follow the tips given below –

  • Know the complete syllabus & pattern.
  • Create a proper study plan.
  • Refer good study material or online coaching.
  • Solve UPSC CDS Previous Years Question Papers to know the important topics of exam.
  • Check the last year’s cut-off marks to set your targets.
  • Do not start new topics in the last days of exams.

Ques - Which YouTube channel is best for CDS preparation?

Ans – Physics Wallah is the best choice to prepare for the UPSC Exam.

If you subscribe to the UPSC Wallah channel, then you will get detailed knowledge of every topic. They cover the complete Syllabus.

Also, you will learn with best faculties. You can ask your doubts during the live classes conducted on YT channel.